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The 7 Online Music Sites You Wish You Used

The best music websites to help you listen to your favorite songs and artists online.

We’re all looking for the best ways to listen to our favorite songs and artists… but which online music service fits you like snug ear mitts? We here at Wibki have been researching dozens of online music services to bring you the top of the top. Still using iTunes? Get with the times! Make sure to save the list in your Wibki profile so you can come back to it when you want to try something new.

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8 Ways To Get Organized In 2014

8 Ways To Get Organized In 2014The New Year is an exciting time: new goals, new beginnings, and new experiences. And so begins the annual tradition of getting pumped for your New Years Resolution, and then giving up 12 days later when you realize maybe gluten isn’t SO bad for you. We here at Wibki think you’re perfect just the way you are, but why not make a change that’s at least somewhat possible to keep? Abstaining from junk food for a year might not be within the realms of possibility, but getting organized is with the right tools!

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10 Educational Sites to Learn Something New in Your Spare Time

10 Educational Sites to Learn Something New in Your Spare TimeWe don’t have a lot of spare time in this hectic world we live in. This is why we must make sure that the small moments that we do have, will be used wisely. Instead of  going through the latest celebrity gossip on your smartphone while waiting for the subway, you can allow your smartphone to actually make you smarter, and learn something new. Instead of watching a random TV show when your kids are finally asleep, you can log into an educational site and learn a new skill. The Internet has everything you will ever need to better yourselves in any aspect of life. On this blog post you will find 10 great examples of sites and services that will sharpen your mind, hone your skills, and make you feel that you’re spending your spare time to learn new things and better yourselves.

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Need to Convert pdf to Word? 11 Productivity Tools you can’t Live Without

header3There are so many ways that the Internet can help us be more productive. Whether it’s a simple way to convert pdf to word, share our screen or find our dream job; the tools and services that answers these needs are out there, we know they are, but we don’t know where. To save you the endless googling and spam filtering, we gathered the top 11 productivity web tools that the past year has produced, hoping to make your life a little easier, and a lot more productive, the next time you try to convert pdf to word! 😉

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