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I love discovering new websites. We are fortunate to live in a revolutionary era; an era that allows us access to infinite knowledge and offers services that were denied from us only a few years back… The Internet provides us with endless possibilities, no matter what our interests, craves or needs are. The problem is that 90% of it consists of cute cats, porn, ‘how to get rich’ frauds, and other stumble baits… I love the instance acknowledgment when I encounter a landing page that is worthy of my time. When I finally manage to discover a site that really blows my mind or a service that I can actually see myself use, it feels extremely rewarding. Lucky for me, this is my day job.

Let Me Comb the Web for You!Let Me Comb the Web for You!

One of Wibki’s main goals is to make people browse the web the way it’s meant be browsed. That means visiting more then the obvious websites such as Facebook or Huffington Post. To spare you the¬†Tedious search for web gems, I spend most of my week going through hundreds of new websites, looking for those with an added value. Sometimes it’s an amazing service that will make your life easier, sometimes it’s a comic relief for your next coffee break, in other times it will be a great blog that might interest you, and once in a while it’s simply an amazingly cool website that will blow your mind. One thing I can guarantee though, I will only provide you with the best that the web has to offer right now.

For Wibki Users, Discovering Awesome Websites is as Easy as Pie..

For Wibki Users, Discovering Awesome Websites is as Easy as Pie…

As an eager webbie looking for new sites to discover I have to browse through dozens of tech blogs, visit Alpha sites, and constantly wait for new services which I had my eye on – to get out of their closed beta stage. For Wibki users though, it’s as easy as clicking the discover tab on your user’s menu. Every week it will feature my most recent findings for you to indulge. The way I see it it’s a win-win-winLucky for me, discovering awesome websites is my day job. situation:¬†You discover new websites and services – win. The sites get their well deserved attention and exposure – win. I get to keep browsing the web and find new discoveries as a living – win!

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