Wibki’s mission is to create a better, more engaging browsing experience for the Web.

Why did we build Wibki?

Almost 7 years ago, Shachar (my brother and business partner), came up with an idea to simplify web navigation. As a typical web user he was frustrated with entering URLs over and over again. Type-and-search seemed clumsy, laborious, and just plain old-fashioned. We played around with the idea and after a few weeks All My Faves was up and running.

All My Faves lists the top 10 sites in each category as a visual web directory. After a few years in the making, AMF became a top web destination with millions of visits every month.

But we didn’t stop there. After years of researching how people use the web, two observations jumped out at us:

1. The way we access a website hasn’t changed in 20 years
Since the days of Netscape we have been limited to a ‘top of mind’ experience. This means that in order to access a website we need to THINK about the website. Browsers are structured with a ‘top of mind’ format, limiting us to the handful of sites and services that we already use. Even if we want to try new websites, a browser pigeon-holes us into the URL box.

2. Having more than 50 bookmarks is awful!
Like internet browsing, bookmarking has remained the same since the early days of web search. You find an intriguing website, you save it to your favorite bookmarking service (if it’s online or on your browser). Eventually, you end up with an endless list of sites that you saved since who knows when. How many sites have you never accessed again after condemning them to the bookmark bin?

Wibki & How it will change the way you browse

With these two issues in mind, we have set sail in building a new web browsing experience. Sounds ambitious? It is! The idea behind Wibki is simple; a single location to access all your favorite websites with an easy visual representation. These bookmarks are saved on the cloud so you can access them from any browser or device, anywhere in the world.

appleIconShadowThese days we take advantage of an increasing number of online services, but it’s quite frustrating to remember and access them when we actually need them. When you open your personalized Wibki homepage, over 40 of your top websites will catch your eye. Delve deeper into your favorites to revisit a cool service your friend recommended. Rearrange your sites with simple dragging and dropping.

The Internet has so much to offer, yet we are very limited in what we do online. During our testing with Wibki users, we noticed some interesting changes in behavior. They started off by visiting an average of 8 websites in their daily routine. Within a month of using Wibki, the average amount of sites they used increased by %125 to 18 websites on a daily basis!

So why is this important? If there was a service that could make your business more efficient, or help you discover a new passion, wouldn’t you want to know about it? The truth is that these sites already exist, and more are developed everyday. We also feature a “Discover” tool that provides human-curated web recommendations, complete with helpful reviews from our staff.

Millions of people work hard to create sites that will genuinely enrich your life. Now there is finally a way to manage it all; Wibki is your key to unlocking the power of the web.

On any device…

Your bookmarks shouldn’t be limited to a specific browser on a specific device. Today, we are constantly on the go with our smartphones, tablets, desktops, notepads, connected TV’s and more. As we have all experienced, type-and-search is particularly outdated on a touchscreen. With Wibki, your favorite websites are accessible anywhere, making any device feel like home.


Showcase your unique Web presence

The websites we access say a lot about us. The fact that you went to epicurious twenty times in the past 60 days probably means you are a foodie. What about all of those articles you accessed on Bleacher report? This reader must be a sports fan. How are you maintaining your team projects? Are you using Asana or Flow? Following some financial blogs for stock tips? Getting crafting inspiration? Building your genealogy tree? Well… you get my point. profilewithoutbarlarger1We are doing a lot of things online. Yet, until today, we didn’t have a way to share this information with the online community. That’s why we are adding a social twist to Wibki.

Wibki enables us to showcase our unique web presence with a beautiful profile that reflects who we are online. And soon you will be able to discover the top sites that your friends are accessing. If a friend of mine visited Instinct 15 times in the past month, then I know she’s becoming a real rockstar!

“The Internet is for PORN”

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiFD6EFVsTg?hl=en"><img src="https://blog.wibki.com/wp-content/plugins/images/play-tub.png" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>

Obviously, privacy is a major issue within Wibki. Many of us use the web for things that we won’t be glad to share with the entire world. Therefore, we enabled an Incognito mode within Wibki that allows you to remove tracking from all or specific groups in your profile. You can maintain your privacy while still sharing the sites that you love with the world around you.

Our aim is to create a better, more engaging browsing experience. We are starting this ambitious goal today with the launch of Wibki. The days of type-and-search are over. We would be honored if you give it a try.

Wibki is still at an early stage of development and we appreciate hearing your feedback. We sincerely believe Wibki will replace browsing as we know it – help us shape the future of the web.

To get you started, I am thrilled to invite you to explore my Web.
Have a glimpse at wibki.com/roy or sign up here.


Unlock the Web, Starting Today!

Roy & The Wibki Team