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Wibki Health and Fitness: 8 Ways To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Getting in shape means staying disciplined and Wibki helps keep things in order.A major downside of the digital age is the fact that we spend way too much time both indoors and outdoors staring at screens of various sizes. While it can be easy to get in the habit of lying down and watching TV from your laptop, new technology can also be used — believe it or not — to get healthier. Continue reading →

Change The Way You Visualize Bookmarks With Wibki

Wibki revolutionize the way we browse the web. It’s essentially a bookmarks tool that takes an innovative approach to the way bookmarks can work.Traditional bookmarks have been a crucial method of navigating the web essentially since browsers have existed. The ability to save groups of URLs was incorporated into Mosaic, the 1993 browser that popularized the web, and the feature has lasted through the modern era. Continue reading →

Cut the Cord: Switching to Online TV

The problem with online TV is that there isn’t one major location where all shows can be watched. Wibki can be used as your remote control for online TV.

The idea that the majority of television programming will be viewed on online TV now seems unavoidable. Despite efforts by cable distribution companies and networks alike to save the obviously-dying traditional cable set-top box platform, more and more individuals turn to online TV. Continue reading →