Snowball - One Feed to Rule Them All...

Snowball has arrived to organize our clattered digital world by providing us with one feed for all of our massages.

Too Many Communicating Platforms

Snowball - One Feed to Rule Them All...

The ways in which we use our smartphones to communicate have drastically evolved since mobile devices were first introduced. For many, a phone’s call or voicemail functions are barely used. Snapchat and Twitter are almost preferable to text messages for communicating with friends. Emojis or a ‘Yo’ could express an idea without even using words (or more than one word, in the case of ‘Yo’).

The only problem with the many methods of communication available on mobile devices is that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. If left unattended, your Snapchat feed could slowly be accumulating messages while you waste time trying to talk to those same friends on a different social app. It’s not the worst problem in the world to have, but one that’s causing phones to become more and more cluttered and disorganized.

A Hub for Your Massages

Snowball solves these issues by organizing all of your messages from all of your social media channels into one feed. The app syncs with your phone’s SMS capabilities, as well as social apps like Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, and WhatsApp. It also works with different social apps like Slack and Line. Any time you receive a message from any of your social media channels, it is displayed in the standardized form of Snowball’s feed. You can respond to messages or send new ones entirely from within Snowball, as well. As the app’s creators themselves describe it, it’s like an inbox for all of your messages.

Snowball - It's like an inbox for all of your messages.

As of now, Snowball is only available in the Google Play Store and limited to Android devices. Because it’s on Android, however, it offers a unique feature that makes the process of reading and responding to messages much easier and quicker. Any time you receive a message, the floating Snowball icon appears above your mobile device’s homepage of apps. With a tap, you can access one feed and send a response from the social app of your choice.

One Feed to Rule Them All!

In the increasingly crowded space of social messaging, Snowball offers a convenient way to keep track of all your communication. It’s obviously easier to open one app that takes care of all your messaging needs than to have to check multiple ones, especially if you can send messages in the format of a particular messaging app. It’s a way to reduce clutter while still maintaining all your methods of communication.

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