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This era is all about online music. The Internet provides you with music industry news, gossip, band calendars, and of course – online music streaming. Wibki allows you to gather them all, and use them to the full extent.

I’ve already explained how Wibki enhances my TV watching experience, and the site also opens the web to a myriad of online music services.

Beginning with Napster, the Internet has been a powerful tool for revolutionizing the music industry. The online music landscape has constantly been changing throughout the past several years, with iTunes offering a legal alternative to early file-sharing sites and streaming services like Spotify offering a cheaper alternative for consumers.

A Revolution in Music Consumption

Discover Amazing Music Services on Wibki's Music Page!Because so many changes have occurred and so many new companies continue attempting to further disrupt the industry, it can be difficult to keep your options straight. While there are a lot of ways to watch TV online, there are TONS of ways to listen to online music.

The problem of knowing which sites to visit can be solved by simply organizing all of your online music sites into one Wibki page.

That’s what I did with the Music group on my Wibki profile, although many of the sites I already visit were already loaded without me doing anything other than choosing Music as one of my favorite things when setting up my Wibki account. Wibki then automatically generated a music page for me, with tons of great online music-related sites already pre-loaded.

For Wibki Users, Discovering Awesome Music Services is as Easy as Pie…Because I have a separate Music News group on my profile, I removed several of the music news and magazine sites that Wibki had loaded. Deleting cells is as easy as clicking on the individual cell’s edit tool and clicking delete.

I then rearranged the group by dragging cells into new locations. Here’s my complete page:

Check Out Will Hagle's Music on Wibki!The top row contains both places where I can stream online music for free (Spotify, Rdio, Grooveshark) or where I can purchase digital music to own (Amazon Music, iTunes, Google Music). I reference this row when I have a particular artist or album in mind that I want to listen to.

The next row consists of music discovery services. There are online radio services (TuneIn, Earbits, etc.) as well as discovery-specific apps and services (, Hipset). If I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to, I go to row two.

The third line on my Music group consists of music social networks. Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Myspace all offer great music networking possibilities. Sites like BandMix and my local Craigslist music classifieds help connect me with other musicians.

The remaining rows are admittedly less organized, but they still consist of great online music sites like Songkick that I might otherwise forget to visit. Also, there are still a few sites that I’ve yet to visit but that Wibki recommended for me. They already helped me discover online artist monetization site Hipset, and I’m excited to see what other online music services Wibki preloaded. In the meantime, I have tons of other sites to regularly visit on my Wibki page.

Wibki offers a convenient gateway to music discovery, radio, and much more.Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake.

I think of my Wibki music group as the digital equivalent of a shelf where — in the days of vinyl and CDs — I’d keep my albums. Although there’s something to be said about owning a tangible piece of music by your favorite artists, Wibki offers a convenient gateway to music discovery, radio, and much more.

Wibki Enhances The Online Music Listening Experience