Your Classroom Bookmarks on Steroids


There is no doubt about the added value that the Internet provides for teachers and students. Anything — an article, video, tool, or resource — could be a knowledge boost for our students. As teachers, we are constantly on the lookout for improving the learning experience for our students.

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Top 10 Education Sites For Summer 2015

Learn a new skill and keep yourself informed over the summer with these Top 10 Education sites for 2015. Continue reading →

Do Good In 2015 With These Top 10 Sites


Discover how you can use the web to help make a positive difference in 2015 with these Top 10 sites. Continue reading →

Make The Most Of Spring 2015: Top 10 Travel & Shopping Sites

Find the best traveling & shopping deals and inspiration for spring and summer 2015 with these Top 10 sites. Continue reading →

The Top 10 Cool & Wow Sites Of 2015

Check out the best artistic, journalistic and musical projects that are available online with this list of 10 great Cool & Wow sites. These top 10 sites are guaranteed to be some of the coolest things you’ll see on the web in 2015.

Sites With Wow Factor

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Top 10 Style Sites For 2015

styleTransform your personal style or stay on top of new architectural and design trends with these 10 Style sites! These top 10 sites can offer you new perspectives on fashion, style and design as you progress through the new year.

Get Back In Style

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Top 10 News and Culture Sites For 2015

anchorman animated GIF

Break out of your old habits and find new ways to consume news and information online with these 10 News and Culture sites. These top 10 sites have been hand-selected as the best news outlets, digital magazines and photojournalism sites to help you start thinking and reading differently in 2015.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

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Exercise & Eat Better: Top 10 Health & Food Sites for 2015

Exercise and Eat Better - Top 10 Health & Food Sites For 2015

Get healthy in the new year with these 10 great Health & Food sites! These top 10 sites will show you how to get in shape, eat healthier and feel better about your new, improved 2015 self.

On 2015 I’m Starting to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle!

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What To Do When Bored: 10 Best Sites for Your 2015 Coffee Breaks

What To Do When Bored: 10 Best Sites for Your 2015 Coffee BreaksFind the 10 best sites for the times you’re wondering what to do when bored. These top 10 cool sites for your coffee break will make sure you maximize your time wasting!

The Best Sites for Your 2015 Coffee Breaks!

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Site of the Week: FlightCar – A Useful and Convenient Ride-Sharing Service

FlightCar offers a new take on ride-sharing as it allows you to get free airport parking by renting out your car, and rent for less when you get to your destination.

How did No One Think of This Before!?!

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