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Cut the Cord: Switching to Online TV

The problem with online TV is that there isn’t one major location where all shows can be watched. Wibki can be used as your remote control for online TV.

The idea that the majority of television programming will be viewed on online TV now seems unavoidable. Despite efforts by cable distribution companies and networks alike to save the obviously-dying traditional cable set-top box platform, more and more individuals turn to online TV. Continue reading →

Cool Websites & Services of the Week: #UnlockTheWeb

Here at Wibki we always strive to indulge our users with nothing but the best of the web. Every week our team of experts combs the web for cool websites and services, then presents them on our ‘Discover’ section. These hidden gems are made of innovative, productive, and mind blowing websites that you probably never heard of.

There are only 5 cool websites featured on this video though. Make sure to visit our discovery tab so that you never miss out on cool websites or services again.

Wibki Helps K12 Teachers Upscale Technology in the Classroom

Wibki provides a great tool for K12 teachers who are looking for to keep their students on track and organized using computers and tablets in the classroom.K12 teachers are always looking for innovative ways to make it easier to use computers and tablets in the classroom. Wibki provides a great tool for that. This is why many K12 teachers are already using Wibki in the classroom to keep their students on track and organized. On this blog post we will share some examples and testimonials from real K12 teachers to show you how the smart classroom can be less intimidating while using Wibki.

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This is how Google is killing the Web


On our Desktops & Smart-devices, everything is just one touch away. So why on the browser do we solely rely on Search?

For the past 7 years I have been on an ongoing search to present the best new sites, services & apps to my readers. Every week I find at least one site that blows my mind. I get excited about how this service could evolve into something big, it’s potential to grow into a billion dollar business, and how it can change the face of the Internet.

But you won’t find these great sites on the first page of Google results—you might not find them on the first 10. As a result, these services, some of them genuinely life-changing, get lost in the dark recesses of the Internet. Even when you find these gems, you probably won’t think to access them the next time you log on. Their biggest challenge is finding a large enough audience to create a habit around their product. Continue reading →

Discover Amazing New Websites & Services – Wibki: Unlock the Web!

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I love discovering new websites. We are fortunate to live in a revolutionary era; an era that allows us access to infinite knowledge and offers services that were denied from us only a few years back… The Internet provides us with endless possibilities, no matter what our interests, craves or needs are. The problem is that 90% of it consists of cute cats, porn, ‘how to get rich’ frauds, and other stumble baits… I love the instance acknowledgment when I encounter a landing page that is worthy of my time. When I finally manage to discover a site that really blows my mind or a service that I can actually see myself use, it feels extremely rewarding. Lucky for me, this is my day job. Continue reading →

10 Jaw Dropping Cool Websites: Sites that Makes You Go Wow!

10 Jaw Dropping Cool WebsitesIt’s amazing how creative people can be. We live in a material world though, and people are expecting to get paid for their creativeness… This is why most of the cool websites are promoting a brand, an artist, or even an agenda. Luckily, as users we don’t care why this amazing content was created, we’re just happy that it’s there for us to enjoy. On this blog post we have gathered 10 of the coolest, jaw dropping, and most likely to make you go Wow! websites that the past year has provided us with.

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2014 Super Bowl: Your Guide to Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII promises to be the biggest and brightest yet. Continue reading →

How to Find the Highest Paying Jobs that You’ll Love

How to Find the Highest Paying Jobs that You'll LoveThis blog post is not just about the highest paying jobs. It’s about pursuing the highest paying jobs for the right reasons and getting payed for doing something you actually like. Before you close the page because you think this article just focuses on finding your passion and getting “paid” in fulfillment, we’ll get to those highest paying jobs soon (or you can scroll down now).

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8 Ways To Get Organized In 2014

8 Ways To Get Organized In 2014The New Year is an exciting time: new goals, new beginnings, and new experiences. And so begins the annual tradition of getting pumped for your New Years Resolution, and then giving up 12 days later when you realize maybe gluten isn’t SO bad for you. We here at Wibki think you’re perfect just the way you are, but why not make a change that’s at least somewhat possible to keep? Abstaining from junk food for a year might not be within the realms of possibility, but getting organized is with the right tools!

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New Year’s Resolution: Organize Your Bookmarks!

New Year's Resolution - Organize Your Bookmarks!New Year’s Resolutions are about bettering your everyday life. With all the time that we spend on the Internet, organizing our bookmarks is probably the easiest and most meaningful change we can make to welcome 2014. Wibki offers the perfect tool to organize your bookmarks, save new links, and discover amazing new services… it’s also FREE and as easy as pie. Continue reading →